abha ahuja


2 november 1972 - 20 october 2001

    Abha made a strong impression on everyone she met. Active in IETF,
    NANOG, ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, AFNOG, the IRTF, the Internet Society, and
    other organizations, she touched people all over the globe.

    With the creation of a list for women in networking, her influence extends
    to this day, bringing together people for collaboration and community.

    She was greatly loved, and she is greatly missed.

Scholarship in Memory of Abha Ahuja

    In October 2002, a scholarship fund was established in Abha's name. Donations
    to the "Abha Ahuja Women in Science in Engineering" fund will benefit students
    at the University of Michigan College of Engineering. We hope her memory and
    this scholarship fund helps encourage a new generation of women to join our
    engineering and NANOG ranks. Details are provided at:

Donations to the Hindu Children Fund

The Ahuja family provided the following information:

   Abha always had a kind heart for poor people. Therefore, we feel it
   will be appropriate to send donations to the Hindu Children Fund
   (tax exempt ID # 38-3531639) who assist poor and deprived children.
   The donations can be sent to the following address and we will make
   certain they reach the poor children.

       Hindu Children Fund
       12459 White Tail CT
       Plymouth, MI 48170


    If you have any pictures you'd like to share, please drop me
    a note and I will link to your gallery or host the pictures for you.
    kobi hsu: jhsu-nanog at mur dotcom.

    I've recently found more pictures, and they are included below,
    along with pictures others have shared (as attributed).

[abha, seoul 2000]
photo by bill woodcock
abha's snowboarding trip
abha's first snowboarding trip
photo from joe and ren provo
Abha and Mr Bear
Abha and Mr. Bear
shared by Vinnie
Abha with the Original Bear
Abha with the Original Bear
taken by Wes Denlinger in August of '93
Eric Jackson's Pictures from their trip to
New Mexico for Craig Labovitz's wedding.
Abha and Wes
Abha and Wes Denlinger in August of '93
TeeHee and MessyGeoffy outside Conor's
Abha and Geoff Cost, Summer 2000
photo by Steve Noble

photo by Craig Haney

abha wearing the necklace I gave her for her 28th birthday. photo by Peter Lothberg

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kobi's pictures of abha
[abha1-ietf46.jpg] [abha2-ietf46.jpg] [abha3-ietf46.jpg]
[abha4-ietf46.jpg] [abha_glaring-ietf49.jpg] [abha_laughing-ietf49.jpg]
[abha_lobby-ietf46.jpg] [abha_lunch-ietf46.jpg] [abha-nanog20.jpg]
[abha_protesting-ietf49.jpg] [abha-ravi-vijay-ietf46.jpg] [abha_reading-ietf49.jpg]

Abha, you're missed terribly.
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